Clear Aligner Therapy to Straighten Teeth From a General Dentist

Clear Aligners Killeen, TX

Unlike traditional dentures, which use brackets and wires, clear aligners therapy is designed to straighten the teeth via the application of a set of clear dental trays. Over time, these clear trays gently apply pressure on the teeth by moving them through a stimulating motion. The activity gradually reshapes the teeth into the desired positions. Clear aligners are suitable for teens and adults because they provide a tight fit with a custom build for each individual. If you are concerned about safety, clear aligners are approved by the FDA. This article goes over how the treatment works.

How does it work?

The treatment works by applying gentle pressure to each tooth. As pressure is applied, the jaw's periodontal ligament is compressed on one side (the side that the tooth moves toward). Then, the other side is decompressed on the side that the tooth moves away from. This results in the expansion and contraction of blood vessels. After about one to three days of constant pressure application, the tooth begins to move toward its new position. It seems simple enough, but there are other steps involved.

The steps involved in clear aligner therapy

Before the therapy repositions or straightens the teeth, the dentist must first determine what treatment works best for an individual because patients may have peculiar cases. People with severe crowding or spacing or severe underbites, overbites or crossbites may require a different treatment.

After this, the dentist will perform a digital scan of the teeth with computer software. The scan creates a design for clear trays made from clear plastic or acrylic material. Since they are removable, regular activities like eating, drinking, flossing, and brushing can still be done. However, the patient should expect to get new aligners every few weeks to keep the teeth moving.


Invisible teeth aligners work based on how much movement the teeth need. The more complex the case, the more movement should be expected. Usually, treatment takes about 24 months for more complex situations. However, if the teeth only require slight adjustment from prior treatments, it could be done in about eight to 16 weeks. While it is possible to correct all alignment issues, clear aligners may be limited to specific individuals. The duration of treatment also depends on the patient's level of compliance. The aligners need to be worn throughout the day and continuously for two weeks. Skipping wear times will delay treatment.

Wrapping it up

Clear aligners are considered effective for both adults and teenagers. They offer a discreet and invisible appearance. Each case is unique, and the dentist will help you determine what to expect through a comprehensive examination. Correcting the teeth is not only about creating a picture-perfect expression, but it could also protect the teeth from further deterioration and improve oral functions. If your general dentist recommends the treatment, you can expect reliable and aesthetically appealing results.

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