How Long Do I Have to Wear Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners Killeen, TX

Clear aligners continue to draw interest from patients of all ages. There was a time when braces would have been your only choice to fix crooked teeth or repair bite problems. Aligners offer an alternative method of reviving your smile and giving you the cosmetic appeal that you want. Treatment lengths will vary, but you may finish faster with aligners than with other options.

The basics

Clear aligners are removable plastic mouthpieces that slowly move teeth into desired positions in the mouth. The dentist will customize the aligners to fit snugly in the mouth. They put pressure on the teeth, forcing them to change the bone structure and shift the teeth. Patients will get new aligners every couple of weeks.

Making a plan

When a patient desires to get clear aligners, the dentist will review how the process works and the benefits this treatment provides. After examining the patient and reviewing the person’s health history, the dentist takes X-rays of the teeth. There will also be a series of 3-D impressions to guide the dentist in creating a treatment plan for the patient. Using these images, the dentist fabricates the first set of aligners, which the patient receives at a subsequent appointment.

Keep coming back

The patient will regularly visit the dentist during the treatment period. Some visits will be quick where the patient simply picks up their new clear aligners. Every four to six weeks, however, the dentist will examine the patient to see how the work is progressing. At these appointments, the patient can also ask questions or express concerns about the aligners.

Time frame of wearing the clear aligners

One of the first questions that patients will ask is how long they will have to wear the mouthpiece. There is no universal answer to this, as every patient’s needs will vary. In general, treatment times are shorter than with traditional metal braces. Patients can often finish their treatment in a year. Some may even wear the aligners for as few as six months. In more complicated cases, patients may have the aligners for up to two years.

Factors that determine the treatment length

The dentist will tell the patient how long the treatment should last, but the person’s habits and dedication play a role. Patients do not have to wear the clear aligners 24 hours a day, but the appliance should be in the mouth for at least 22 hours. People who stick to this requirement are more likely to finish treatment faster. Also, coming in for regular appointments with the dentist will make a difference.

Patience and dedication

If you do what the dentist says, you can have straight teeth in a year or less. It is worth your efforts to wear your clear aligners and take good care of them. If you want a gorgeous smile with beautiful teeth, talk to your dentist today about aligners and what this treatment can do for you.

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