Schedule a Dental Cleaning to Treat your Unpleasant Breath

Having unpleasant breath can be problematic for a number of reasons. People may find it hard to interact in social situations or it can make for an awkward date with a significant other. Bad breath is something that nobody wants to deal with but unfortunately, a lot of people aren’t even aware of it.

As unpleasant as bad breath can be, there is hope for those people who just don’t know what to do. With the help of a dental cleaning, a person may be likely able to get their breath under control.

In this article, we will discuss how having a dental cleaning done can help improve and treat your unpleasant breath. Read more below, especially if you’re experiencing bad breath!

A dental cleaning for unpleasant breath

Being aware of how a dental cleaning can improve one’s bad breath is sure to be helpful to anyone who is experiencing bad breath. Scheduling an appointment with a dentist is important, as they can asses and come up with a treatment plan.

Leftover food particles

Often times, bad breath is a result of someone having leftover food particles in or around their teeth. Food that doesn’t get brushed away during one’s daily dental hygiene routine may stick around and begin to smell foul. Once particles of food are left behind for so long, bacteria may begin to grow which can also contribute to the unpleasant breath.

Having a dental cleaning done by a dentist will allow for the food particles to be removed properly. A dentist’s equipment and tools are strong enough to remove anything that got left behind.

Dental or oral problems

If food particles aren’t the cause of the unpleasant breath then a dentist will likely asses the rest of the mouth to see if there are any abnormalities present. Sometimes, a person may be experiencing foul breath due to other problems such as gum disease or a decaying tooth.

Treating unpleasant breath

Medicated mouthwash

Dentists can prescribe mouthwashes that contain high amounts of chemicals that destroy germs and improve one’s breath. Often times, bacteria might be growing within a person’s mouth and it may result in an unpleasant smell. A medicated mouthwash can destroy the bacteria and treat the bad breath.

Oral medications

Unpleasant breath may also be an effect of dry mouth which causes a reduction of saliva flow. When the saliva stops flowing, the mouth no longer is being cleansed. Saliva contains minerals that keep the mouth healthy.

The dentist can prescribe a medication that reduces dry mouth and increases saliva. Ultimately, this should help treat the unpleasant breath.

Bad breath can be irritating and disturbing, but being aware of how a dentist can treat it should be helpful to anyone who is experiencing the unpleasantness. Scheduling a dental cleaning is important to do first, so that the dentist can determine what the source of the foul smell is.

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