The Main Differences Between Clear Aligners and Traditional Braces

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Clear aligners are becoming more and more popular as a way to straighten teeth. This method has some benefits that others do not have. When you compare aligners with traditional metal braces, you can find some similarities. But there are many differences as well. As you understand how both of these methods work and how they are unalike, you can make the right decision for your smile and oral health needs.

Why people choose to straighten their teeth

Dentists frequently treat patients who have misaligned teeth and bite dysfunctions. Perhaps the first consideration is all about aesthetics. Crooked teeth can make the person feel embarrassed or even ashamed. There are health concerns as well. Crooked teeth are more likely to become decayed. It can also become painful when teeth are not aligned properly.

Aligners are removable

Braces stay on the patient’s teeth 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the treatment period. Only the dentist will remove them and will not generally do so until the teeth are straight. Clear aligners do not have to stay in the mouth all of the time. The patient can take them out throughout the day. In fact, the dentist recommends that the patient remove the aligners periodically to clean them and to eat.

Aligners look and feel different

Traditional braces are made of metal and consist of brackets and wires as well as elastic bands. The braces put pressure on the teeth, forcing them to move into the right places. Clear aligners are made of plastic. These look similar to mouthguards that the person would wear to prevent teeth grinding.

The aligners fit over the person’s teeth snugly. Most patients like that the aligners are more comfortable than braces. They are less likely to rub against the cheeks and gums. Soreness and irritation are less likely with aligners.

The patient gets new aligners regularly

Throughout the treatment period, the patient will get a new set of aligners every few weeks. The dentist provides new mouthpieces as the teeth shift. To create a set that fits properly, the dentist will take 3D images. To place braces on the person’s teeth, the dentist will use cement to secure the brackets. These brackets will not change until the patient’s teeth have moved correctly and the treatment is over.

Clear aligners are generally faster

One of the challenges of wearing traditional braces is that the treatment can take up to three years. The total time will depend on the severity of the misalignment. Aligners can straighten the person’s teeth more quickly. Some patients get straighter teeth in as few as six months. Normally, it should not take longer than two years to repair the crooked teeth.

You can straighten your teeth and get a new smile

The smile you have always wanted does not have to be far away. Thanks to clear aligners, you can fix alignment and bite issues and be happy with your appearance. Traditional braces are an option as well. The two work differently, so talk to your dentist about which one is right for you.

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