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Popular Teeth Straightening Treatments

3 Popular Teeth Straightening Treatments

Crooked teeth can wreak havoc on your dental health, as well as your confidence. Whether it is a jaw misalignment or just a couple of stray teeth, there are several options for teeth straightening treatments in orthodontics.Teeth straightening treatments can be provided by a dentist specialized in orthodontics. Orthodontists provide consultations to help you decide…

When Did Invisalign Aligners First Become Available?

When Did Invisalign Aligners First Become Available?

It is nearly impossible not to have heard about Invisalign, the clear braces substitute that looks like an unassuming mouth guard. Many have wondered where these innovative aligners came from and how they became so popular in the first place. This success did not come overnight. It took years of planning and development before the…