Faster Than Other Straightening Treatments – Fastbraces®

If you have malocclusion, meaning crooked teeth, the notion of straightening your teeth with traditional metal braces probably does not excite you. Thankfully, there is now a solution to straighten out those crooked teeth without unsightly metal braces that take forever to work.

Fastbraces® straighten crooked teeth faster than regular braces. Furthermore, they do not cause people to feel as self-conscious about appearance. Fastbraces® is the teeth-straightening solution you are looking for.

Fastbraces — An Orthodontic Treatment Option

Straight Teeth in Less Time

People who rely on traditional metal braces, wait upward of 1 to 3 years for any results to show. Braces are antiquated, ugly and annoying. By choosing Fastbraces®, the individual will not have to worry about metal inside his or her mouth that takes several years to improve the look of the smile.

Fastbraces® rely on triangular brackets, rather than traditional square-shaped brackets, to move teeth in several stages.The number of stages to move the teeth with regular braces differs from patent to patient. Some patients end up waiting years, whereas few patients wait less than an entire year.

This long wait is attributable to the fact that the square bracket and round wire move the crowns of the teeth and hope the roots follow suit. The square-bracket process is extremely inefficient.

An Efficient Solution

People can avoid a long wait to straighten out those wayward teeth by using Fastbraces®. Fastbraces® reduces the space between brackets so the teeth can move toward one another quickly. Do not worry about discomfort. Fastbraces® move teeth in a subtle but quick manner that does not cause any type of pain.

The wires are comparably flexible, making it that much easier to move the teeth toward one another in a gradual, comfortable and highly effective manner. This approach allows for the roots to be uprighted at the start of the procedure. Fastbraces® works in as little as 20 weeks. If the patient has relatively minor orthodontic needs, it might take even less time for Fastbraces® to straighten out those crooked teeth.

A Comfortable Teeth-straightening Solution

Old-fashioned metal braces rely on multiple wires that need to be re-positioned over and over again. This means patients with regular metal braces have to return to the dentist's chair several times over.  Making matters worse is the fact that these wires are uncomfortable.

Fastbraces®' brackets and wires allow for comfort. The patient will experience little to no pain as the teeth move into the proper positions.  There is no need for a bunch of annoying rubber bands, springs and all that other stuff used in regular metal braces. The secret of Fastbraces® lies in its brackets and wires.

There are a triangular bracket and square wire that function in unison to move the tooth from the root to the tip. The tooth moves in a single smooth motion that does not cause discomfort. You will forget Fastbraces® are in your mouth, working their magic. However, you will certainly notice the results faster than regular braces.

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